Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finishing Projects

I received a digital camera last year for Christmas, and it was around this same time period that I became interested in the "paranormal." It's important to know that I don't mean ghosts, aliens, Bigfoot, or any of that--what I am interested in are projects like Marble Hornets and UVB-76. I don't believe that there is anything truly mystical about either of them: I know Marble Hornets is just a film project and I don't imagine that in reality there is anything special about UVB-76; however, things like that are incredibly fascinating, which I why I decided to start a project of my own.

I decided that I would take at least one photograph every single day and I was going to turn the collection into some sort of creepy project. I had the feel for what I wanted the final result to be like. I wanted to do something with the pictures to create a sort of treasure-hunt for someone else. I wanted them to take some paranoid, puzzling journey; something that would give them the same feeling I had when I decided to create the project.

That's where most projects seem to get stuck. I can never think of a way to translate that feeling into something tangible. I continued taking photographs for a few months hoping that an idea would come to me, but eventually I would skip a day here-and-there, which eventually turned into several days, and then weeks, until I finally stopped taking pictures altogether.

What is the secret?