Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Peculiar Dream

Last night, I had the first lucid dream that I can recall. First I'll describe what happened, and then why it stuck with me.

The first bit I remember, I was in my bed (in the dream) trying to remember lucid dreaming. I could feel my body freezing up and I feel asleep (in the dream) and dreamed that I was in AP Spanish. The teacher was going around threatening us and telling us that the class would be the most difficult class we would take and that we were all going to feel bad when we failed. In the back of the class, these two guys were messing around, and the teacher hit them. I made some remark about it, and the rest of the class seemed to pick up on the spirit, and soon we were all insulting the teacher and eventually a food-fight broke out.

Afterward, the class was lead through the hall, and we walked through this narrow doorway and down some stairs. Eventually, it led us to a large stadium where there was a basketball game on the lowest level. The building was mostly made up of chain-link fences and sheets of metal. As the other people were being led somewhere else, I went around a sheet-metal wall and went up some stairs to a higher level. Up there, I looked around at the people in their seats before I went down a separate set of stairs that wrapped around the outside of the building and went down into the parking lot.

When I was there, I walked over to a comfortable-looking, old car and there was a girl there. I never saw her face, but in my dream, I knew I was in some sort of relationship with her. I walked over to her and she greeted me and we talked next to her car for a while. I don't remember the conversation, but I do remember reaching into her car and taking out a disc. Once I saw what it was, I felt suddenly happy, and I hugged her. She hugged me back, and I remember the most vivid and wonderful smell. I remember the little bit of her shoulder I could see as we hugged, and as I was about to stop, she pulled me back and we embraced for even longer. When she finally pulled away, I kissed her cheek and she smiled and said "three lanes." (In my dream, that made sense for some reason.)

After this, I woke up from the dream to see my dad's silhouette standing outside of my door. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 6:50am and I needed to get ready for school. I asked my dad what he was doing as I got up to get my clothes around and he said "Oh, I was just making sure you were up."

After this I woke up again and immediately glanced at the clock. It was 6:50am, but my dad wasn't outside my door and it was much darker than it had been in my dream.

Throughout the day, I've been left with this longing feeling for that girl in my dream, even though I never even saw her. I told a few people about the dream at school, but I left out the part about the girl and mostly talked about having an Inception-esque dream-inside-a-dream. Overall, I don't think anyone is too interested in other people's dreams.

Anyway, the dream brought up some things I haven't thought about in a while.

Why is it the scent you remember best?