Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mock-Heroic Story

Once there was a boy, whom of his siblings he was the younger,
Who was sitting in his room alone when he began to hunger.
He decided it was time to eat a sandwich,
So large and hearty, his stomach it would enrich.
But there was a problem here,
Yes, as he entered the kitchen it became quite clear,
There was no sandwich already made,
His culinary prowess must be displayed!
He gathered his courage and opened the refrigerator;
He would show his hunger who was greater.
The meat, the mayo, and sliced cheese too,
Upon the counter these things he threw.
With wheat bread and lettuce he was prepared,
To face the famine against which he was squared.
He unsheathed his blade: a butter knife!
He was determined to end his hunger; to save his very life.
Grasping the mayonnaise in his mighty grip,
He spread it upon the bread like waves beneath a sailing ship.
The next ingredient was the sliced cheese,
Which he placed upon the sandwich with expertise.
Next he gathered lettuce green as the Emerald Isle;
Truly this would be a meal worthwhile.
The meat was ham fresh from the corner deli,
He could hear the roaring from his belly.
He lay down the final piece of bread with his work nearly complete,
His hands nimble like cat's feet,
He plucked an olive from the jar,
And to his hunger said “Au revoir!”

Here is a story I wrote for my AP English class as we read the Canterbury Tales.